The Best New Places to Visit in Singapore

The Best New Places to Visit in Singapore

Singapore is one of the few destinations in the world where you will find numerous

Singapore is one of the few destinations in the world where you will find numerous attractions in every direction you turn. She has attractions that range from historical and cultural sites to modern life attractions, and the best part is when it comes to interacting with thrilling iconic structures.

If you have been to Singapore before, you will probably be looking for the newest and best places to visit this time. The good news is that we have enumerated these places here.

The Jewel

This is among the newest attractions that will welcome you immediately after landing at Changi airport. It is a complex that is comprised of numerous shops, restaurants, banks, and many other businesses. What is most thrilling about the Jewel is the artificial waterfall in the center that runs from the glass roof. If you think that is all, you will also enjoy the different species of flowers and shrubs collected from different parts of the world.

Marina Bay Sands

This complex never gets old. Even if you have been here before, the experience will look and feel all new. Your entire family will enjoy the gardens by the bay or just the beach activities. For adults, taking some time to visit the rooftop clubs will always enhance your trip to Singapore. They also have the infinity pool where they serve cocktails to swimmers as you enjoy the view of the entire city.

The Singapore Flyer

Both kids and adults will definitely enjoy coming here and getting a ride. This is one of the biggest observation wheels in Asia. It is also recognized by the entire world and everyone looks forward to riding on it. So, as you process your travel visa with experts at, make sure that one of your goals is to ride on this wheel and you will not regret it at all. Judging by experience from those who have been here, the Flyer allows you to enjoy the view of beautiful horizons of Singapore.

Singapore Zoo

Have you been here before? The Singapore Zoo boasts to be one of the best in the region with a variety of flora and fauna. Whether you choose the day or night safari, you and your friends or family will have a good time interacting with well-protected animals at the zoo. Bird watching at Jurong Birds Park and the river safaris are also activities to enjoy.

Sentosa Island

The island will always have something new or activities that you could not try last time. Plan to spend a whole day in Sentosa because the journey to and from the island is long. There are also very many activities and you are better off having enough time to enjoy them. There is plenty of local and international cuisines served by restaurants around the beach. If you choose to spend another day here, which is tempting anyway, you can book a room at one of the beach resorts around the beach.

By now, you can see that choosing an appropriate new activity to do in Singapore is very easy. The list is long, but one or two of the places we have mentioned above will not disappoint you.