The Interesting Destination that Provides a Pleasant Atmosphere in the City of Jakarta

Jakarta as the capital of our beloved country Indonesia is not only synonymous with traffic jams and floods. Behind all of that, Jakarta also has various attractive tourist destinations that can provide a pleasant atmosphere for those of you who want to unwind.
For those of you who have never explored all the tourist destinations in Jakarta. You can record various lists of interesting tourist attractions that can be a list of your visits during your vacation.

  1. Ragunan Zoo
    Ragunan Zoo is one of the most popular tourist attractions, both among local and out-of-town tourists. No wonder the visitors are always crowded on weekends. In this zoo, you can also enjoy the view of various kinds of animals being cared for. Also, there are interesting facilities that will add to your satisfaction, such as animal stage rides, rovers, and bicycles.
  2. Ocean EcoPark
    Also known as Allianz Ecopark, it is one
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